New Features: Load Balancing, Block Storage, Firewalls, and Improved Resource Graphing

New Ubiquity Cloud Features:
Load Balancing, Block Storage, Firewalls, and Improved Resource Graphing

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of three new features, and one improved feature on the Ubiquity cloud platform! The following features are now configurable in Ubiquity Motion: load balancing, block storage, and security groups (firewalls). Additionally, we have revamped and improved our cloud instance graphs.

Optionally create load balancers and block storage by clicking on the Deploy drop-down menu. Enable and configure these new features as you see fit simply by selecting the respective tabs on your cloud device page. Continue reading for a quick overview of each improvement to our platform.

Load Balancing

Configure as many of your cloud instances as you wish behind a single load balancer. Each load balancer allows for the following customizable configuration parameters:

  • Port
  • Protocol (TCP or UDP)
  • Timeout (maximum time in seconds for a monitor to wait for a reply)
  • Delay (how frequently it checks an instance’s responsiveness in seconds)
  • Retry (how many times it will retry a connection before removing it from the load balancer)

Additionally, choose between three different load balancing methods: round robin, source IP, or least amount of connections. Update its configuration at any time and add/remove instances from it as necessary.

All load balancers are provided at no cost until you exceed 1TB of bandwidth utilization, in which you will then be billed $0.02/GB.

Block Storage

Only require additional disk space for your cloud instance? Well, now you can purchase just that!

Simply choose the amount of block storage space between 1GB and 500GB. Then name, create, attach, partition, format with your preferred filesystem type, and mount it on your cloud device. Attach and detach it to any of your cloud devices in the same location.

Block storage is billed at $0.10/GB of allocated storage per month (or, $0.0001488 per hour).


Create multiple security group profiles for each of your cloud devices. Enable these rules based on protocol, port, or source/destination. Utilize the same profile across all your cloud instances or create unique ones for each. Firewalls are free of charge.

Improved Resource Graphing

Our new and improved graphs now support the graphing of CPU utilization and disk I/O (reads and writes) providing you with access to even more detailed information. Bandwidth graphs now include private networking interfaces along with your public interface. Additionally, you can now specify graphs by the hour, day, month, or custom date ranges.

Review the new and improved resource graphs on the Graphs tab for your cloud device.

Written by
on July 21, 2015

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