Backup Services

Rapidly configure scheduled and on-demand backups. Backups are stored on our storage network and can be restored easily at any time.

Dedicated Server & Colocation Backups

Hardware does fail so it's important to keep your data protected and always maintain backups. Our dedicated servers are offered with R1Soft's Server Backup Manager system which provides continuous and incremental backups to our offsite storage network. Our cloud hosting has a set of built in backup tools that can be utilized

This is included free of charge with any of our managed dedicated servers. The following plans include a single server license and a corresponding storage volume allocation. Additional licenses, for additional servers, can be purchased; multiple servers can back up to the same storage volume; space can be aggregated when desired.



50 GB


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100 GB


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150 GB


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200 GB


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300 GB


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400 GB


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500 GB


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Cloud Server Backups

While our cloud hosting services offer distributed fault tolerant storage, backups of your cloud server instances and volumes are still important in case data loss should occur from other scenarios. Our cloud hosting platform offers you the ability to create one-time backups, schedule automated backups, restore backups, and convert those backups to deployable templates -- all from our easy-to-use Motion control panel.



per 1 GB

$0.10 per month
( $0.00015 per hour )

Looking for a different method to back up your data?

Looking for a different method to back up your data? Whether you have a particular preference on how to back up your data or specific budgetary, scalability, or availability requirements, we can design a solution that meets your expectations.

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