Motion Control Panel

A modern infrastructure management platform.


The simplicity of Motion keeps you working efficiently. Search tools allow you to sort quickly through invoices, credits, and many other items. These items are exportable to PDF, CSV, and XLS. Straightforward security enables you to restrict access to specific areas of the control panel to specific users.

Granural Sub-Accounts

Limit access for authorized users to specific areas of the Motion control panel.

Integrated Support

Track and submit all of your requests through our integrated support center.

Built for Mobile

Our control panel functions from any mobile or tablet device capable of running a modern web browser.

Two-Factor Authentication

Provides an additional layer of security to your Ubiquity Motion account with Google Authenticator

DDoS History & Analytics

Browse historical reports that provide you with the size, source(s), and port(s).

rDNS Manager

A built-in tool to manage and update PTR records directly from the control panel.

Cloud Management

Motion allows you to manage and scale cloud infrastructure at a moment's notice. Pay only for what you use, starting at less than 1¢ per hour.

Single-click Rebuilds

Reinstall your cloud directly from Motion. Choose from popular operating systems such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, and more.

Bandwidth Graphs

Monitor and analyze inbound and outbound traffic with customizable graphs.

User-Created Templates

Take a one-time backup of your cloud and convert it into a deployable template.

Backup Scheduling

Use our control panel to schedule how frequently you would like to take a backup of your cloud.

Rescue Environments

Boot into rescue mode when issues arise unexpectedly. Troubleshoot them without hassle using the integrated console

Web Console Access

Take control of your cloud’s console directly from your web browser.

Server Management

Motion allows you to effortlessly manage your bare metal infrastructure. Bare metal dedicated servers start at just $55 per month with no long term contracts.

PXE Automated Reloads

Need to reinstall your operating system? Perform it with a few mouse clicks inside our control panel

Bandwidth Graphs

Quickly find out how much traffic your server is pushing through your server’s bandwidth graphs

No Lengthy Contracts

Our bare metal servers are on a month-to-month basis unless otherwise stated.

Remote Reboot

Reboot your server from the click of a button.


Quick access to your web-based KVM console to remotely control your server

Rescue Kernels

For critical issues, our built-in recovery tools can assist you in the recovery of your operating system and/or data.

10 Gbps network infrastructure

Our network is ready to handle your bandwidth intensive application.

100% Uptime SLA

Impactul events on transit to the Internet or access to power result in credits applied to your account.

10 TB Bandwidth

all bare metal servers come with 10 TB of network transfer (IN+OUT).

API & Documentation

Fully-featured API that allows you to develop custom, robust applications to manage your infrastructure at Ubiquity. Ideal for our customers who resell and want to manage all of their reseller settings through a single user friendly interface. Adjust templates, manage users, link servers to your control panel, adjust API settings, view API logs, and much more

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